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Everything you want to Know about ChatGPT  

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Open AI released ChatGPT on November 30, 2022. Since then, the internet has buzzed around ChatGPT. Is this reason a good enough reason to do a machine learning course? Perhaps you need to know more. Here we come to share a few jewels of our knowledge on ChatGPT. 

ChatGPT, an AI-driven chatbot system, uses Natural language processing (NLP). However, It is still in user experimentation stage. OpenAI is a research firm founded in San Francisco in 2015 by Sam Altman, Elon Musk, Greg Brockman, Ilya Sutskever, and Wojciech Zaremba. Chat GPT, an AI chatbot, has overwhelmed the internet by storm since then.

ChatGPT, also known as “large language model tools,” does not think like people. Even though it can do many things, like composing emails, code, essays, and writing a poem when commanded, a complete AI takeover is not imminent.

This blog post will highlight what Chat GPT is, how to use it, how it works, what its uses are, the differences with search engines, and limitations of Chat GPT.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a generative language model and an AI-driven natural language processing tool that helps you with many things other than human-like conversations. The interface,based on GPT-3.5, simulates human conversations.

It is an Artificial Intelligence chat (AI chatbot) , trained and designed to conduct this type of natural conversation. Usage is now open to the public, free of cost. There is a paid version available as well called Chat GPT Plus. 

Chat GPT has gathered as many as one million users in the first 5 days of its launch.

How to use ChatGPT?

How to use ChatGPT? 

Ah! yes, a simple answer. You can access Chat GPT simply by visiting and if you have an OpenAI account. 

Once you sign in, you simply start chatting with Chat GPT. Start your conversation by asking queries. 

How does ChatGPT Work?

Chat GPT is a generative language model that works on the ‘transformer architecture’. These models can process a massive text volume and learn to perform natural processing tasks effectively.

The training uses Reinforced Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF). And, the initial model used Supervised fine-tuning. Reinforced learning helps the machine learning model improve, using a reward signal/system.

Human AI trainers provided conversations, playing both parts as AI assistants and users. Conversations help build both responses – natural and engaging.

What are the Uses of ChatGPT?

People are using Chat GPTs for different functions in addition to answering simple questions. 

Chat GPT has many functions, such as creating AI art forms, describing art in minute details, coding, and even carrying out philosophical conversations. 

Moreover, it has applications in many other areas, like customer service, online shopping, hiring and training staff, and many more. 

Furthermore,  Chat GPT creates malware codes for you and malware that is difficult for cybersecurity systems. 

When it comes to writing, Chat GPT creates essays, poems, limericks, and even customised content like email messages. Brainstorming content ideas based on keywords or topics is another usage. 

Finally, Chat GPT works in language translations as well as marketing content. 

If you have created a blog or dissertation, you must be aware of the hard work to produce something worthwhile. Chat GPT can speedily create content in seconds and simultaneously simplify complex topics.

What are the differences between ChatGPT and Search Engines? 

There are differences between Chat GPT and a search engine. Chat GPT holds conversations with end-users, whereas search engines find information asked by users by indexing web pages.

Chat GPT cannot search the internet for information. On the contrary, it learns from training data to respond, which makes it error-prone.

What are the limitations of Chat GPT?

The limitations are:

1. Has limited know-how of world events that happened in the past year. 

2. It may misinterpret what the user is trying to ask. 

3. It may produce incorrect information.

4. With the addition of too many elements, it becomes overwhelmed.

5. It provides repetitive content & information.


ChatGPT is now in its beta phaseAlthough people use it for various purposes like writing papers, essays, blogs, and generating stories, you can even use it for mundane things like friendly dialogue. 

ChatGPT has the potential to make your life a lot easier, doing all of your tedious daily tasks like composing emails or searching the internet. However, it is yet to reach an ideal level of performance since AI or ML models require fine-tuning and lots of training to achieve that. 

We hope the above insights will be sufficient to help you gather knowledge on Chat GPT, its utilization, or its applications. Do you want to gather more in-depth knowledge on Chat GPT? Then look forward to starting your career with one of the best machine learning courses to fulfill your aspirations and get a dream job. Please refer the blog post Pre-requisites and pre works to Learn Machine Learning for more on Machine Learning.

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