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Vipul Kumar

“Thrilled about getting two job offers via LearNowX. Grateful to my mentors for their incredible support & guidance in boosting my skills & helping me grow in my career. Thanks, LearNowX, for this opportunity and for supporting me throughout the placement process.”

Saumay Pathak

“LearNowX has been a game-changer for me. The courses are engaging, the instructors are knowledgeable, and the platform is user-friendly. I’ve gained valuable skills that have boosted my career and ignited a passion for continuous learning.”

Ashtha Mishra

“The interactive learning environment made it easy for me to connect with fellow learners and collaborate on real-world projects. LearNowX has transformed how I acquire knowledge and helped me achieve my professional goals.”

Hritik Srivastav

“LearNowX’s exceptional trainers and easy-to-understand content have given me the confidence to pursue new career opportunities. The personalized feedback I received on my assignments helped me grow and improve. I’m grateful to LearNowX for shaping my skills and opening new doors.”

Vanshit Aggarwal

“I always wanted to learn Salesforce but struggled to find the right resources. LearNowX’s comprehensive and practical Salesforce courses, taught by industry professionals, equipped me with the skills to understand the ins and outs of the Salesforce ecosystem and successfully transition into a Salesforce developer role.”

Lavkush Jaiswal

“LearNowX made learning Salesforce a breeze for me. The courses were easy to follow, the instructors were helpful, and the practical exercises boosted my confidence. Thanks to LearNowX, I feel prepared to succeed in the world of Salesforce.”

Aman Verma

“LearNowX’s content-rich courses made learning enjoyable and accessible. With mentor guidance, I acquired practical skills and landed a role at a top tech firm, thanks to their comprehensive curriculum. Gratitude to mentors and LearNowX for shaping my rewarding tech career.”

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