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LearNowX Learn Python Programming Online Program is specially designed for candidates who want to make a career in the field of software development to become professional Python developers and learn to create programs, applications, scripts, games, and more. After completing 22 weeks of Python Training Course, you will be able to create application software, scrape websites, and complete Full Stack programs using Django and Flask Frameworks.
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Start your career trail with our Python Training Course and Learn Python Programming Online, which is famous for its simple syntax similar to the English language. Python is a high-level, interpreted, interactive, and object-oriented scripting language that prototypes data quickly. Python is well-versed in incorporating modules, exceptions, dynamic typing, high-level data types, and classes.
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Python is one of the leading programming languages that has witnessed incredible growth and recognition and is easy to use and learn. Python is known for its versatility, efficiency, reliability, and speed. Python is supportive and mature, making it the first choice for experts and beginners. The tremendous growth is no longer hidden from anyone, so learn python programming online and advance your career growth with LearNowX Python Training Course.

Learning Path

Get the best of personalized classroom learning and gain acquaintance with fellow learners in the orientation class.
Explore the course and learn building Python applications that include functions and modules, basic data structures, file exception handling, OOPs concepts, Django and Flask Framework, and PostgreSQL in a hands-on way.
Work on practice projects in association with Cloud Analogy CRM ltd.

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Gain Practical Knowledge and expertise

Practical knowledge and Assistance for Industry recognised Certifications

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Learn via Industry Level Case studies and Live Projects on leading IT companies

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Live sessions by Top Front-end Development Experts and experienced professionals

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Course Statistics

Python has proven its space and is one of the most in-demand languages, preferred by software developers and tech organizations worldwide. It is flexible, easy-to-understand, versatile enough to structure or frame web applications. The programming language is growing and never looked back after its invention. Below is the proof of concept:

8.5 LPA

Average Annual Salary


Annual Growth Rate

2.8 Million

Job Positions by 2023


Attain certification as a Python through the esteemed LearNowX academy, known for its professional excellence and industry recognition.
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Frequently Asked Question

The Python Course at LearNowX is for beginners and experienced professionals seeking comprehensive Python programming skills.
The course covers Core Python, Agile Frameworks, multi-process architecture, databases (SQLite), web frameworks (Django or Flask), and data analytics.