Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Cloud Analogy is wholeheartedly committed to protect the rights of individuals who visit the company website, all in pursuit of respecting their privacy. The Privacy Policy Statement is to educate you on the various ways that the information is collected and subsequently what exactly we do with this information. This actually enables to make the right decision as to whether, you are ready to share the personal information that you provide us or even share with us, while visiting our website. Also it is important to remember, that we keep on updating this policy from time to time and you are expected to review this policy, whenever required.

There is a need to collect your personal contact information such as name, company name, phone number, email address as well as IP addresses - all those things that helps in your identification. However, you may choose not to provide us with certain information. Some of these personal information that we would like to gather are inclusive of the following:

  • While you visit our website
  • While you attend our webinars and conferences
  • When you register for any of our services and an account is created subsequently
  • When contacting you as a prospective client
  • When the website sends error reports or analytics data on the application.

The data about the clients of Cloud are to be used for the purpose of marketing. The contact information is obtained when you fill up a form on the company website. Your contact information may be used to explore and discuss an interest that you may have regarding the services of Cloud Analogy. This is to send you further information about the company, partners and affiliates. Along with this, the company uses just the Website Navigational Information ( 4th point) or use it in combination with client data - so as to deliver a personalized  information on Cloud Analogy.

The Privacy Statement is about sharing of information - obtained from the company website as well as the information that is shared from the third party websites. The company does not permit the collection of any information by third parties, done through advertising technologies that are used on the company website. Also information that is collected from the company website must not be shared with any of the third parties - other than anything stated in the same Privacy Statement.

The company has the right to either use or disclose the information - if required by law or the company believes that use or disclosure of any information will result in the  protection of the rights of the company and/or comply with anything - whether that be judicial proceedings, legal process or court order.

We use commonly-used information gathering tools such as web beacons and cookies as the user navigates through the company website. This section elaborates on the usage of these website navigational information on the company website.




The Cookies enable us to have an easy and meaningful interaction with the company website. The server of the company website sends a Cookie to your computer but not for any personal identification of you but just to recognize your web browser. This is other than those situations, when you choose to identify yourself with our website ( in cases such as filling up of web forms, opening an account or even when you are responding to a promotional offer.


When you gather data with a Cookie, it is all about enhancing the website. The same Cookie can be used to collect information for a general use of internet. But, if you are unwilling to share these information, you can decline the use of the Cookie - simply adjusting the settings on your computer.


Web Beacons


Cloud Analogy uses Web Beacons - along or in conjunction with the Cookies for such activities such as interactions with company emails. These web beacons can be placed in marketing emails to notify the company - as when a link is clicked on the company email and there is redirection to the company website. It helps to bring about an improvement in the company’s website or the email communication.


IP Addresses


The Internet Protocol (IP) addresses of the visitors to the company website are collected. This is to track the regions from which customers as well as the visitors who navigate the company website.

Cloud Analogy reserves the rights to make any of the changes to this Privacy statement. The material changes to the Privacy statement will be informed with prior notifications - through the company website.  

If you have any questions on the Privacy statement, then you contact us at : Cloud Analogy


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