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Internship Program

Cloud Participation Intern

Thank you for your zeal to participate and complete the 12 weeks Internship program on Cloud Computing technologies. During this program, we have noticed your ability to learn advanced programming and Cloud technologies. We appreciate and acknowledge your enthusiastic hard work that you are capable of putting for realizing your learning goals.

Cloud Astronauts Intern

We take this occasion for congratulating you on the successful completion of the Cloud Astronauts Intern program. We have observed your performance during this 3-months program on some of the latest technologies related to Cloud technology. We appreciate your ability to comprehend the technologies and the hard work put behind. This is what enabled you to achieve all your learning goals.

Cloud Universe Star Intern

It is with utmost pleasure that we announce that you have successfully completed the 24 weeks Cloud Universe Star Internship Program. This program is intended to cover all the aspects of the Cloud Computing. We appreciate your extraordinary performance and your ability to achieve all your learning goals and along with this comes the hard work that you have put behind all this.

Enrolled In Internship Program

Projects Completed & Earnings

Projects Completed

Total Earnings

#1 Manmohan

06 Project Completed


#2 Anugya

04 Project Completed


#3 Gaurav

03 Project Completed


#4 Deepak

02 Project Completed


#5 Tushar

02 Project Completed


The Impeccable Features

Earn While Learning

The student will be educated on the various ways to indulge in a decent earning - only through the Learnowx portal.

Rich Content

Access all interesting topics related to Information technology, from the mobile app and the portal - all that you must be yearning to learn so far - from the topic links and the videos.

Interactive/Chat Sessions

Both the mobile app and the Learnowx portal come with this feature for chatting sessions - whether that be individual users or users in a group.

Performance Analytics

Performance analytics appear on the profile page for the user, for both app and the portal. On completion of each of the learning modules, ratings are displayed.

Push Notifications

The user may catch a glimpse of any new topics/updates or requirements from Learnowx - through the push notifications on their respective mobile devices.

Our Genius Team

Nitish Bhardwaj Cloud Technologies Expert

Nitish Bhardwaj

Nitish Bhardwaj is a Cloud Technologies Expert of the company and has an unending zeal for everything he performs. He not only acts as a mentor for the junior developers but performs code reviews with equal expertise.

  • Adept in Salesforce technology
  • Exceptional Team Management Skills
  • Highly Motivated
  • Eye for Minute Details

Suraj Tripathi Operational Executive

Suraj Tripathi

Suraj Tripathi is the Operational Executive of the company and takes care of the design aspects of the various projects as well as the required documentation. This way he is a great driver for the business.

  • Passionate driver of business for Cloud Analogy
  • Amazing sincerity
  • Technology expertise
  • Hardworking to the core

Vishal Sharma Mobile Technologies Expert

Vishal Sharma

Vishal Sharma is Full Stack & MEAN MERN | Mobile Technologies Expert of the company and has great technical experience in the mobility landscape. He is responsible for managing and developing robust and scalable applications for devices powered by the Android operating system.

  • High level of expertise in Mobility
  • Driven by Knowledge
  • Outstanding Team Player
  • Drives Business with utmost passion

Featured Product - Learnowx App

Learnowx Learning App

What's new ?

  • Learn new topics on advanced technologies and aspire to become an expert.
  • Participate in contests and challenges.
  • Compare with Performance analytics pitted against a competitor.
  • Bid for various types of work and enjoy a bounty of earnings.

Who does not want to acquire skills on cutting edge technologies ? Learnowx offers a personalized learning environment for the aspiring students - all to learn new aspects of recent and advanced technologies (both portal and app). As the student progresses towards the completion of a learning module, the acquired points become beneficial to track the performance of the individual. The student has the option to upload the CV and bid and acquire some work - with the help of the Learnox team.

Learn, Earn and be an Expert

Learnox is an app that is aimed primarily for the college students. The model adopted is to impart a personalized environment for learning a cutting-edge technology. Its primary objective is to let the students learn on all that is latest about Computing. Not only learning, but it comes with an innovative features to enable the students to earn points, as soon as they complete their learning module.

This way they can be pitted against their competitors based on performance analytics. Also, the students can take part in contests and challenges, and earn something decent for themselves.

Learnowx has the following advantages:

  • Easy to login and register as a new user.
  • Acquire new skill sets on Computing - anywhere and anytime.
  • Work and attain eligibility to earn while learning.
  • Chat with single or multiple users/friends in a group.
  • Possible to download on any Android device.

L earnowx

Want to gather knowledge on some of the recent and advanced technologies ?  

Then Learnox is that next-generation app - that ensures the added benefit of ease of learning.

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