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Reskilling & upskilling students /college professionals with value-added and knowledge-driven Python, Salesforce Admin/Developer, Java, Data Science & ML, etc., and making them industry-ready to help them land their dream job.

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Are you willing to set your footprints in a tech-based niche like IT, CRM, project management, and cloud computing? Then, here’s the right place to jump-start your career. LearNowX is one of the finest learning and skill development platforms that provide a wide array of work experience programs like Python, Salesforce, Java, and many more for students/college professionals to build a genuine and successful career.

At LearNowX, you’ll be surrounded by renowned and resourceful experts with decades of experience in Python training courses, Salesforce, Java, IT management, and consulting. This would translate to amazing learning and career opportunities while working alongside renowned specialists and top talent. As a specialized training partner, we mould the aspirants to meet corporate expectations and place them in reputed companies based on each student’s expected job profiles.

Browse Our Programs That MATTER To Your Career!

Our power-packed digital programs are designed to give students and job aspirants a range of knowledge, skills, and exposure.
Embark on your journey to boost your career with LearNowX.
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Browse Our Programs That MATTER To Your Career!

Our power-packed digital programs are designed to give students and job aspirants a range of knowledge, skills, and exposure.
Embark on your journey to boost your career with LearNowX.
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What You Can Expect From LearNowX (As A Student)




Job Placement


Personality Development Classes

We strive to help everyone access learning to unlock their true potential and give them a personality makeover through a personality development training program. Our highly proficient trainers would help you develop your overall personality, gain confidence in your daily encounters, and express yourself assertively.

Earning While Learning

With LearNowX, you get access to educational training clubbed specialized training and meaningful, practical experience that makes the aspirate job-ready and enriches their path to a stable employment opportunity across multiple industries and sectors.

Industry-Ready Learning

We offer state-of-the-art training courses and a wide spectrum of learning opportunities across emerging technologies and high-demand fields, so you do not just enter into a wonderful career but acquire a multitude of job-relevant skills, think out of the box & innovate.

Job Placement Assistance

Young and great minds deserve the best jobs, and LearNowX is the one-stop training program to help you land your dream job and provide global exposure from working with Fortune 500 companies. We deliver structured and job-oriented training to encourage career exploration, professional development, mentoring & job shadowing.

Industry-wide accepted certifications

Get certified in your field to add value to your resume and have access to innumerable employment opportunities. Earning certifications and recognition will place you among the elite in your field and give you a competitive advantage over others.

What You Can Expect From LearNowX (As A Business)




Hiring Opportunities

We aim to connect top & right talent with the growing companies worldwide. As the most prominent face for thousands of clients worldwide, we invest in young, talented persons from diverse backgrounds and give them a pathway to be part of the bigger picture.

Partnership Opportunities

We highly value our partnership with recruiters and strive to make their recruiting experience productive and positive. We love to collaborate and engage with the corporate world to join the growing mutual sphere. Join us in doing work that makes a difference.

Growth Opportunities

We aim to give you the top talent on board, equipped with the highest quality industrial training. This means when you hire skilled employees, they would understand your company’s culture better and outperform to grow your company in all areas.

How To Get Started?

Take the Pre-assessment session for us to know you better, your strengths and weaknesses to motivate you on a correct path
You get a free demo class with Learnowx so that you know what you are signing up for
Once done with the demo class, pick the program of your choice and gain expertise
Once you’ve decided on what course you want to be in, get started with the easy enrollment process and start learning for becoming a trendsetter
Work on the live projects that adds value to your resumes and make you skilled with real-time Industrial training

Attend interviews with top tech companies to secure high-rewarding placement offers with a 100% placement assistance.*

Our Proven Results

Turning Your Dream Career Into A Satisfying Reality

We at LearNowX take pride in nurturing and transforming college students to emerging industry professionals.

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More Chances of Getting a Job in a partner company

Partnership Companies

Trusted Partner For Innovative & Leading Global Companies

Our placement partners are from different business verticals, including BFSI, manufacturing, information technology, realty, telecommunication, automobile, and much more.

Student’s Testimonial

Happy Learners To Inspire You

It was great to be mentored under Vineet, he is amazing with his experience and I feel I have converted my passion into a profession only because of his guidance and skill-specific training approach.

Pranveer Singh Salesforce Admin

I was always a people person but I feel I lacked the right knowledge to make use of my great communication skills, got mentored under Harsh and now I feel highly satisfied with my technical skills.

Shubhi Varshney Quality Analyst

"Always wanted to become a salesforce developer! Team Learnowx made it so easy and interesting, I can’t wait to get myself working on live projects!"

Rohini Gupta Salesforce Developer

Great mentors and there’s a wide horizon to gain knowledge and learn from industry experts with amazing technical background!

Kishor Kumar Full Stack Technical lead

Excellent mentors and a vast opportunity to learn from business leaders with outstanding technical backgrounds!

Abhishek Singh Full Stack Technical lead

I've always been a people person, but I feel like I lacked the knowledge to really put my excellent communication skills to use. After receiving mentorship from Harsh, I now feel very satisfied with my technical abilities.

Phool Chandra Salesforce Developer

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