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Build a career in Salesforce ecosystem by enrolling at our renowned Salesforce Training Institute. Our comprehensive courses cover all aspects of Salesforce, including administration, development, and customization. With experienced instructors and hands-on training, you’ll gain the expertise needed to succeed in the Salesforce ecosystem. Enroll now in our Salesforce Training Institute and unlock new career opportunities in the world of Salesforce.

Why Join this Program

Gain Practical Knowledge and expertise

Practical knowledge and Industry Level Certifications recognized on a National level

Industry Level Projects

Learn via Industry Level Case studies and Live Projects on leading IT companies

Live and one-to-one Industry Expert Sessions

Live sessions by Top Salesforce Developer Experts and experienced professionals

Salesforce Toolkit and licenses for Real-Life training

Get relevant Licenses and tools to work on real-life projects

Learn In-Demand Skills

Get hands-on training about the tech skills and soft skills you need to succeed

Program Overview

The Salesforce Developer Program by LearNowX prepares aspirants to become Salesforce Experts via a detailed curriculum covering all aspects of Salesforce. The program educates one, on the state-of-the-art industry trends, advancements, and industry-relevant tools and applications from Experienced and Leading Experts via Live Sessions.

Key Features

Sample Certificate

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Key Features

Learning Path

Get the best of personalized classroom learning and gain acquaintance with fellow learners in the orientation class.
Explore the course and learn the ins & outs of industry-standard key performance indicators by mastering Salesforce development and integration skills.
Gain a deeper understanding of the basics of LWCs, styling, and JavaScript fundamentals in LWC, along with hands-on sessions and projects on Lightning Web Component.
Explore the world of Salesforce implementation with best practices to plan & execute a successful Salesforce implementation & ensure your project is set up for success.
Once you are well-equipped with the right skill sets to become a Salesforce Developer, you will be working on live projects.

Skills Covered

Tools Covered

Career Support

Make Your Career Count With LearNowX

There are more than a million jobs in the Salesforce ecosystem. No matter your background or interests, there’s a career path waiting for you.

Kick your career into high gear and unlock excellent next-level opportunities.

Course Statistics

Be a part of the Salesforce Ecosystem because there is an opportunity waiting at your doorstep.


Average Annual Salary


Annual Growth Rate

3.3 Million

Job Positions by 2023

Admission Process


Pre-Assessment Test

Take the Pre-assessment session for us to know you better, your strengths and weaknesses to motivate you on the correct path.


Demo Classes

You get a free demo class with Learnowx so that you know what you are signing up for.


Sign up & Enroll for a Program

After the demo class, pick the Salesforce Developer Learning Program. Congratulations!! You are enrolled to become a trendsetter.

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