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Not surprisingly, the demand for data professionals in the job market is growing more than ever. LearNowX training experts will teach you everything you need to support your career goals in the data science field and become a proficient data scientist. Get enrolled to explore the comprehensive learning of Hadoop, SQL, Python, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, and Artificial Intelligence. Become a data science professional by learning practical skills and techniques combined with solid concepts and theoretical foundations. We at LearNowX help you get well-equipped with data-driven strategies and master the art of executing various tools, languages, and libraries that professional data scientists use.
  • 26 weeks of the extensive learning program 
  • 1:1 assistance in learning and problem-solving approach 
  • Assured Placement, making you job ready from day 1
  • Certification
  • 24*7 Support 
  • Learning with Authorized Training Partner with Salesforce
  • Skill Development and Personality Development Classes
Give the Assessment and get enrolled in the Machine learning +Data Science program
Get the best of personalized classroom learning in the post-pandemic age and gain acquaintance with fellow learners in the welcome class.

Get Guided Learning with our Experts
Explore the course and learn the ins and outs of supervised, semi-supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning

Brush up your skills in computational logic and critical thinking
Construct estimators using the method of moments and maximum likelihood, and decide how to choose between them using Data processing techniques and machine learning algorithms.

+ Level of Machine Learning
Learn about Tensorflow, Keras, Big Data, Hadoop, and Natural language processing. You’ll learn Sentiment Analysis, Sentiment Analysis in Python, Text Generation in Python, Masked Language Modeling, and everything From RNNs to Attention and Transformers – Intuition.

Learn Data Science as a Plus
Machine Learning with Data science is always a good idea as it uncovers the solutions that are often hidden in the data to take on business challenges and goals. Thus, with this course, you’ll master Data science and SQL as a plus to improve your career prospects.

Learn the Ninja Way
Get a transformed learning with statistics, data analysis and visualisation, machine learning, deep learning, SQL, R, Python, etc.