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Top 6 Reasons Why you Should Get Certified in Salesforce

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Why get Certified in Salesforce? Well, Are you stuck in your career prospects and it looks as though confusion is clouding your mind, and you are like a ship sailing in troubled waters? 

In that case, a career in Salesforce is a better option to come out of this despair. You just need to clarify your doubts about why a Salesforce career is the right option for you. 

Moreover, this blog will reveal the meaning, influence, privileges, statistics, and more to lift up your worries.  

So, here are some statistics for you:

In 2022, the Salesforce Ecosystem will create 3.3 million new employment, according to IDC. In addition, IDC forecasts that 1.33 million jobs would be created in India between 2021 and 2026.

With Salesforce certification, you can also enhance your resume by being trained in a leading Salesforce training institute.

What is Salesforce Certification?

A Salesforce Certification is a credential recognized all over the globe. It helps you to implement Salesforce best practices on your company’s behalf. Besides, with the certifications, you exhibit your competency in various Salesforce roles. 

Additionally, employers are eager to work with candidates who have extensive Salesforce knowledge and relevant experience. One would prefer to get Certified in Salesforce for this main purpose.

Moreover, whether you are a novice or an experienced professional, a Salesforce certification helps you to stay ahead of the competition curve. Some of the best and trending Salesforce certification courses are Salesforce Admin, Developer, Consultant, Architect, App Builder, Marketing, and many more. 

Furthermore, now you have the arsenal of sought-after skill sets to land a new job or move forward to a high-paying job to further your career prospects.

Besides, Certification not just makes you the go-to person for any company but also offers many other benefits as well. 

However, some of these certifications are priced at $400, while others cost around $200. Therefore, the price varies from each other depending upon the institutions. Additionally, there are requirements for eligibility that must be met in order for applicants to enroll and begin a successful career.

Eligibility for Salesforce Certifications

Here are some of the eligibilities,:

1.  One must have a BCA, BBA, MCA, or MBA degree as a minimum qualification to enrol for Salesforce Certifications.

2. Before choosing a career in Salesforce, ensure that you understand the basic concepts and the Salesforce platform functionalities.

3. Must have additional skill sets on leadership, communication, data management, project management, understanding of Sales process, etc.

4. To be eligible for the certification, you must also receive salesforce training from a training provider who will guide you through the Salesforce platform.

Certifications are crucial that help you grow and ace the race of the business world. Many higher-paying and top industries choose candidates with advanced Salesforce certifications as they are the ones expected to be better and the right ones.

The following are reasons to get Certified in Salesforce:

Outstanding Salary –  

When you start your career in Salesforce, you are bound to get a lucrative offer. This is due to Salesforce being widely accepted by companies of all sizes – small to big. 

Salesforce is part of the Fortune 100 Best Companies to work for the 14th year in a row. 

Companies face a shortage of skilled experts in Salesforce, with a steep increase in Salesforce end-users. Employers understand the value of a Salesforce-certified professional fetching them higher ROI. It will boost your career and you don’t have to worry about growing your salary. 

As per Indeed, a Salesforce developer in the US can earn up to $ 112, 051 per annum, and in India, the developer can earn Rs 5.1 lakhs per annum.

Include Yourself in a Community –

Salesforce offers a strong community called Ohana. The community is helpful and collaborative. It included the employees working for customers, ISVs, and partners and also includes the Salesforce freelancer professionals.

Get More Interview Calls –

As a Certified in Salesforce professional, you can showcase your capabilities better. It highlights your expertise and shows how committed you are to your skills. 

Certification improves the chances of getting hired. You get more interview calls with improved efficiency.

Update with the Latest Knowledge –

One of the common reasons for people choosing Salesforce is the release of the latest updates.If you are certified, the company issuing the release will give your business priority.

Improve Your Analytical Skills –

Certification improves your analytical skills. Understanding trends in sales will come due to certification since it provides insights. It also helps to showcase your domain knowledge.

Get Live Experience –

The training ensures that you become well aware of the aspects you come across in your daily lives. The certification offers a lot of materials on industry-related projects that you can study. If you take a Salesforce Developer course from LearNowX, you gain real-time experience with live projects. Moreover,  you get the right exposure through live sessions with top industry experts. 


One of the primary reasons to learn Salesforce is that you can easily grasp knowledge of Salesforce under the guidance of experienced or industrial experts. 

In addition, the certification equips you with an understanding of the right strategies which are trending. So, you will have the ability to pull the company ahead of the competitors. 

In addition, LearNowX provides a wide range of benefits, including high-paying employment, the opportunity to work on real-world projects while earning money, and the chance to develop soft skills that will help you land jobs with top recruiters.

Do you want to have higher earning potential through lateral movement?  Are you looking to jumpstart your career with a Salesforce Beginner course to place you in your dream job? Then LearNowX can be the right destination for you, where you will collect all demanding courses under one umbrella.

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