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Why Android is so Popular Amongst Developers

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Android is everywhere today! Most of the mobile applications are currently running on android platforms. What’s so special about Android?

Android Operating System was launched back in 2008, and since then, it’s grown significantly. Android was written in programming languages, including C, C++, and Java. 

Many developers prefer java development courses to enhance their skills in the field of android app development.

Android is now the fastest-growing mobile operating system, utilizing the contributions of the Linux open-source community and more than 300 hardware, software, and carrier partners. 

Popularity among Developers

The openness of Android has made it a favorite of consumers and developers alike. 

The number of apps downloaded has increased significantly as well. Billions of apps and games are downloaded monthly from Google Play for Android users.

Various features and applications are present in Android, making it popular among developers. 

Furthermore, the enhanced quality of wireless networks and the relentless progress of mobile devices are also significant factors behind the requirement to develop Android applications.

Androids are Businesses’ First Choice

Seeing the demand for Android in the market, most mobile application development companies have adopted the latest Android development technologies to satisfy customers’ needs. 

Businesses are relying on Android applications for managing, controlling and promoting their businesses. 

Let’s look at the reasons behind the popularity of Android among developers.

Open Source Platform

Android is an open-source platform. It allows the user to create innovative and creative applications. 

A significant advantage for developers and users to work on Android is that it is affordable and easily accessible.

Strong Development Framework

The Android platform gives you everything you need to create top-quality applications. 

From mobile phones to tablets and beyond, you can deploy your apps with a single application model to reach hundreds of millions of users.

Android Applications Popularity

With the growing demand for smartphones, people are more inclined toward Android. 

The Android operating system provides a more user-friendly and valuable smartphone experience.

Android is Secure

The android applications for smartphones provide better security options. 

Android operating system users can use the “Orbot” application to carry out instant messaging, access the internet, and access emails without being blocked by their mobile internet provider.

Largely Used OS

On Android, 1.5 billion downloads are just available in a month. 

Millions of mobile devices worldwide use Android, making it the most popular used OS.

Enhanced Innovation

To bring new capabilities to users and developers, Android constantly pushes the boundaries of hardware and software. 

Developing robust, differentiated applications on Android is easy because of its rapid evolution.

Many Android devices are available in different form factors, chipset architectures, and price points. 

Various technological advances are available in Android, such as multicourse processing, high-performance graphics, and state-of-the-art sensors.

Higher Opportunity

Android has grown in popularity and growth, resulting in more opportunities for developers in IT organizations.

Wide Range of Tools

Various tools are available for developers to use when developing for Android. 

With Android, developers can utilize third-party tools effectively if they need additional tools during development.

Efficient Performance

Android is a Linux-based operating system that provides advanced performance stability and operates smoothly. 

Better performance of android applications leads to more downloads by the users.


For the developers, it is very cost-effective to develop Android applications. 

Both developers and users have easier and cheaper access to Android, increasing its popularity.

Time Saving

Android applications are not only cost-effective but time-saving too. It takes little time for a developer to work on Android, thus making it less time-consuming. 

It helps the developers work on more applications in less time, thus making it both qualitative and quantitative.

Application Store

Users can download a large variety of android applications within minutes. Moreover, most of the applications are available free of cost. 

As per the survey, more than 80 billion applications have been downloaded worldwide till now. It makes the developers more inclined towards android application development.

Android Supports Flash

Android’s new version supports flash on a significant level. 

Users can have the experience of a desktop over their mobile phones. People enjoy playing games and other entertainment stuff over Android.

With the help of the above points, you must have understood why Android is so popular among developers. Due to the fantastic Android features, developers widely use Android to create and develop applications.

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