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Top 13 Benefits and Importance of PHP Language

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When we think of PHP Language, our mind reflects a tool used to connect databases and retrieve information, which is then passed on to your web server to be displayed in HTML.

Being the first widely used server-side language that could be embedded into HTML makes it easier to add functionality to web pages without needing to call external files for data.

Its use has evolved over the years, adding features and unlocking new capabilities. It began as a small open-source project and grew significantly as people discovered its utility. In 1994, Rasmus Lerdorf released the first version of PHP.

It is also used by Harvard University and leading social networking sites like Facebook. It is one of the primary reasons for making PHP popular, raising its credibility, and making the youth crazy about learning it.

Moreover, it is compatible with most servers and used by developers to create new applications, which is why this programming language is one of the most favourite among developers.

Sounds Interesting, right ?? So, hold onto your curiosity, and let’s deep dive into the Top 13 benefits and importance of the PHP language you need to know. 

Simple and Easy

PHP is a simple coding language that comes with well-organized syntax. You can quickly learn PHP and work with this language, even if you lack knowledge of other programming languages. There is no need for developers to study a manual. 

Free-to-Use Software 

It is an open-source programming language that is free to use for every user, and with outstanding technical support from a community of developers, you get all the components free to use.

Easily Understandable Syntax 

PHP has an easily understandable and compelling syntax. So, the comfortable for the developers with its familiarity. If you have C or Perl skills, it is easy to pick up the language with similar syntax. 

Supports Leading Databases 

PHP as a coding language is chosen for web development because it extends support to leading databases like MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, ODBC, and more. 


The developers can easily make changes to their code and add new functionalities or features in all stages of development. All this is due to flexibility, which helps PHP developers save time. 

Community Support 

The best place for a PHP developer is the community of developers where they get to know everything about the PHP language whenever they are in trouble. 

A large community of developers routinely updates online help, documentation, faqs, etc. In addition, the developers can learn tricks and tips from several forums or websites. You can also learn PHP online. The community also works by building tools that make development easy and efficient.

Maximum Control 

PHP is a coding language that offers maximum control over websites. It requires a few lines of code compared to other programming languages to do the same work that requires long scripts. 

Platform Independent 

It operates on almost all platforms and works on various operating systems such as Linux, Windows, Mac OS, Unix, etc. It is one of the vital benefits of learning PHP for acquiring skills in web development. 


PHP is one of the top user-friendly coding languages and offers better flexibility than ASP, C, and C++. It can improve website traffic and the first preference of developers to build complex, user-friendly, and dynamic web applications. 

Supports Major Web Servers 

PHP is a coding language that supports web servers like Apache, Netscape, personal web server, Microsoft IIS, etc., other than supporting different Operating Systems.  

Speed and Security 

There is an automatic reduction in the server workload and loading time can be seen when using PHP. Simply because it has memory space. The main reason to consider PHP in web development is the faster processing speed. 

Web applications like CMS, CRM, and E-commerce get developed faster with PHP. It is better than Python in terms of loading time.

It offers the most secure way for websites and dynamic web applications since it offers many layers of security to prevent malicious attacks or threats. It is the main reason to use PHP in hybrid web development. 


Frameworks save time, fasten development, help to reuse the code repeatedly without writing the same complex code, again and again.

Laravel is a popular framework for PHP coding language that enables you to manage complex web applications easily and has built-in templates. 

Another framework is Codeigniter, which is free and easy to use to create dynamic web applications faster. Other frameworks of PHP are Symfony, Zend, CakePHP, etc. All these are easy to use. 


Over the years, it has emerged as a trusted name among many websites building and web developers, and the score is just growing and growing.


PHP is a coding language known for its versatility in writing code and web applications. It is an effective programming language to use based on your coding skills. It is also reliable when you require to create a few web pages. 

It is high in reliability and stability as PHP gets regular updates. It is straightforward, uncomplicated and offers less learning curve, can be downloaded anywhere, and is readily available in web applications. 

It has built-in database connection modules for connecting databases easily and lessening the time for developing web applications and content-based sites. 

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