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Trending IT Certification Courses to Build Your Career in 2022

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Certifications are common these days in many industries and in leadership positions across the board. Especially in IT industry, Trending IT Certification Courses is a much watch out for.

But can they really help you grow in your career? Long answer short. Yes, and in many ways. 

Consider the possibility that after completing your education, you lack the necessary skills to land a job. Would your career allow you to prosper? I don’t think so, um.

If industry experts are to be believed, your personal progress depends on a variety of factors, including your experience. But mainly on your investment in continuing education, which is crucial for leadership positions and fields like information technology.

In an ever-changing world of technology, getting equipped with the top rating certifications are a need of the hour. And today, I’m going to share with you the top certifications that are needed in the job market in the era. 

List of Trending IT Certification Courses

Data Science 

If we define “career growth” as higher salaries, some certifications are no-brainers; Data science is the one!.

It has taken the world by storm ever since people started understanding the concepts of why and how Data is a fuel of the 21st century. No wonder Glassdoor has ranked data science as the top most professions, and rightfully so. 

So, what does a data scientist do? 

Well, A company hires a data scientist when it wants to maximize its sales revenue to analyze its performance and provide decisions to maximize it.

Data science Courses give you an edge over others 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Simply put, better career opportunities, higher salaries, and growth. If there’s a certification that can get you both right after college, then it’s machine learning and AI. The virtual world is on the boom; everyone is keen on knowing how the meta world works.

Machine learning is just the data analytics technique that teaches computers to do what comes naturally to humans and animals. 

Companies have started applying machine learning to their operations rigorously, and opting for any certification relating to machine learning will only help you scale up by opening more career opportunities and also higher salaries. 

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CRM and salesforce

With many companies choosing CRM software to nurture their customer data, getting scaled up with salesforce certification is the best idea.

And, if you’re looking for a certification that positions you as an expert in your field, hands down, salesforce certification stands apart. For IT professionals, CRM systems have become functionally advanced to cater to service, sales, and marketing needs.

 And so, it has become a common requirement for recruiters looking for hire in the IT sector. Getting certified with Salesforce admin and Salesforce developer helps vet your expertise to recruiters. 

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When searching the market for jobs in the IT field,  candidates with credentials are given higher precedence over their non-certified peers .

And here, the python certification plays the cherry on the top of the cake. Once you’ve earned a python certification, recruiters would position you as an expert even if you join as a fresher.

No denying the fact, python certification attracts better and quicker growth with higher salaries clubbed with more prestigious job positions.

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Final take 

Being up to date in your career matters for better growth, higher salary, and more. And for this, not having the certifications is absolutely deniable. So don’t miss out on this opportunity of using the Trending IT Certification Courses to help elevate your knowledge and your career. 

Not sure where to start? Explore the high-in-grade certifications with LearNowX today. 

Vineet Kumar – (22 Years Experience)

Practice Head (Salesforce, Oracle, C, Python)

A business-oriented and self-motivated leader who brings 22 years of teaching and training experience. He possesses the degree of B.Tech. (CSE), M.Tech. (CSE) and Ph.D. (CSE) in the area of Image Processing and deep learning. As a Practice Head, he has trained thousands of people of diverse roles and organizational levels and helped them achieve their career goals. In his leisure time, Vineet likes to play Guitar and jam with his students. With proficiency across the technical & functional aspects of Salesforce and other technologies such as Salesforce, Oracle, C, and Python, he is known for making study fun with his interactive sessions.

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