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Why is Upskilling significant nowadays

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Upskilling is important. Perhaps the most important thing in the tech lexicon. But why? Let’s figure it out today. 

To be blunt, the pandemic swept the carpet from beneath our feet. Each industry was severely impacted by the pandemic in many terms, especially the tech industry. For many of us, both our professional and personal goals have gained new momentum. As a result, the world of work has taken a completely new direction altogether. 

However, the workforce can be a bit worse if you enter without having the right skill set, that too, in the post-pandemic era. Many employees who failed in Upskilling themselves over the years have already been given pink slips or demotions. This is because after two years into the pandemic, what matters the most to entrepreneurs is only their organizational growth.

As a result, they even fear hiring an unskilled workforce, which used to happen before. Currently, statistics from Gartner, Inc. indicate that nearly 60% of the workforce would require new skills in order to perform their jobs properly, which is understandable.

Companies are on the verge of freezing the hiring process because they believe that hiring the unskilled workforce would not make any impact on the company’s growth, so they’ve planned to hire only one-third of the workforce

Thus, to stay current and effective, the only key is Upskilling. This is a capacity that you gain as a job-seeking candidate to stay ahead of all the candidatures.

We are in the time when businesses choose to have a distributed workforce. 

There have been many conversations around the utilization of technology to transform the workforce, and the pandemic turned the tables for such business models. They are now moving toward the digital realm and so want their employees to be highly equipped with the key technical skills to reimagine the industrial trends, consumer interactions, and individualized experiences. 

You need Tech Soft Skills to succeed. Period. 

Soft skills make a major difference in someone’s contribution to the organization, atleast that’s what the business leaders believe.

As they are so important, it would be wise to work on honing your soft skills. Now, what are the soft skills? Are they the lingua franca that makes business growth pretty easier?

Long answer short, yes. They do. And this is the reason why employers focus more on hiring employees with a fair understanding of soft skills. Imagine a scenario where you’re hired by a tech giant; now, to be able to communicate effectively at the workplace; you need to be well versed in the soft skills like 

  • Collaboration.
  • Delegation. 
  • Emotional Intelligence. 
  • Training and Mentorship.
  • Problem-Solving.
  • Creativity and authenticity 

This will help in making you grow as a leader and nurturing a positive working environment by eliminating unhealthy competition. 

The future of Tech is here.

As said before, we are now in, if not the best, then a great era of digitalization where everything revolves around tech and tech only.

Online discussions on the metaverse, artificial intelligence (AI), and other significant technical developments are still going on. Thus, the competition in such tech areas is also increasing.

Now, on the contrary, as the competition increases, employers are expecting to hire only the best and most refined candidates, who,

  • Have hands-on experience in the tech subject
  • Have theoretically understood the tech world very well
  • Know the practical applications them too. 

The message is clear, to stay competitive in the marketplace, Upskilling is a must. You need to expand your skillset, and then it will be a win-win. LearNowX is one such platform that helps you with upskill while studying in the tech field of your choice. At the same time, being your growth catalyst, LearNowX assists in increasing a candidate’s ability to take on new challenges and more.

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