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The Secret Recipe to Success – Winning Dish to Getting Placed in Google and other Giants!

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If I were to ask you what your dream company is, you, without thinking much, would say Google, Amazon, Meta, or Microsoft. Most people wish to work in such big companies for many reasons. A good reputation, handsome salary, and job security are a few of such factors that attract job seekers. However, of late, a lot of discussions are going around on how to crack the interview of such big tech giants. These companies may attract a lot of job seekers, but what attracts them? 

Let’s open a playbook on the same. 

Well, let’s not hide the truth, these Silicon Valley tech giants are indeed a powerful magnet for the best talent. Best and the brightest developers, designers, engineers, data scientists, and product managers do whatever they can to get a job there. Seeing the massive competition, cracking the interview has now become a hard nut, even for the brightest of brightest students. 

If Google wants you to be proficient in coding, Apple wants you to be proficient with AI and Machine Learning, and so on.

Spilling the facts

Google receives on average 20,000 resumes a week, but the number climbs to 70,000 at times.

This brings us to our first tip for cracking the interview in tech giants.

Tip #1 Learn the Skills 

Learning the Skills and making yourself perfect in them is the most common yet effective way to crack the interview for Google, Apple, or Netflix. 

Netflix itself revealed its secret of using Python for the entire process of online streaming.

The secret is out; now it’s your turn to master python in the first place to get recruited. For this, we would recommend you get started with an interactive in-class session with LearNowX by taking the Free Demo Class. The office-like culture of LearNowX classrooms is made specifically for teaching students the fundamentals of the corporate world besides learning the tech subject.

Google wants you to become a good and passionate coder first. For this, learning the basics and gradually mastering the advanced level would work wonders in many ways. With LearNowX, you can learn Web development, Mobile development, and Game development. 

Tip #2 Crack the 6 seconds game. 

This may sound a little off track, but for getting hired anywhere, let alone Google, Apple and Microsoft, acing the 6 seconds game is a must. A study published in The Ladders revealed that recruiters only spend 6 seconds reviewing a resume, which seems apt after knowing the number of resumes that these companies receive on a daily basis. 

The competition is tough, So you have to make a good impression, fast!

Tip #3 Work on a few live projects.

Live projects are an excellent way to acquire knowledge of a new language or technology and even to win a job from tech giants. The process of development and the stages involved in the project is what you learn majorly when you gain hands-on experience. 

For example- 

Investment Analysis can be an excellent project to work on as a prerequisite for getting hired by tech giants. 

Example of a live project: 

Investment Analysis Learners will fill in the shoes of an analyst at an investment bank and determine where the firm should invest. They will then have to explain their recommendations in place of the analysis conducted.

Learning about the process of development and the many stages that a project goes through may be accomplished by working on a project that is already in the process of being developed. Now, it’s high time that you should start gaining hands-on experience on more and more live projects to give your resume an outstanding look and feel.
LearNowX is helping you do the same, and master this art by gaining on-the-job training and experience on real-life projects. 

Bonus tip?

Apart from working on live projects, also work on some personal projects that would reflect your dedication. For this, you should find something you’re interested in building. Suppose you have an eye for capturing people and things, implying you’re good with photography; build a portfolio of all your photos and add it to your resume as a hobby you’re passionate about.

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