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Contract to Hire (C2H)

Evaluate candidates remotely on a temporary basis before committing to permanent hiring, ensuring a good fit for both parties while reducing risks.


Engage skilled professionals for onsite and remote work, offering flexibility and stability for projects with varying needs.

Permanent Placement

Seamlessly integrate top-tier talent into companies, matching skills and culture fit for lasting success and mutual satisfaction.

Contract to Contract (C2C)

Hire skilled professionals remotely for specific projects, ensuring timely completion and scalability without permanent commitments.

Full Time

Hire full-time employees to join the team onsite, committed to maintaining a consistent in-office presence at a specific location for seamless operations.

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Job Analysis

Identify and analyze the requirements and responsibilities of the position to develop a comprehensive job description.


Utilize various channels, such as job boards, social media, referrals, and professional networks, to attract a diverse pool of quality and qualified candidates.

Screening & Vetting

Review resumes and applications via AI tools to shortlist candidates who meet the job criteria, followed by initial phone or video interviews to assess suitability.

Assessment & Selection

We assess candidates through interviews, skills tests, and references, selecting based on performance, cultural alignment, & future potential in collaboration with hiring managers.


Facilitate a smooth transition for new hires by providing necessary resources, training, and support to integrate them into the organization effectively.

Offer Negotiation

Present competitive offers and negotiate terms to secure the best talent while ensuring alignment with budgetary constraints and company policies.

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Diverse skillset & rich experience, simplifying candidate search for employers.

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Narrow down highly talented candidates efficiently based on specific criteria.

Long-term partnerships

Building trust and collaboration for continued success in staffing.

Streamlined recruitment

Efficient process, from job posting to candidate selection.

Customized solutions

Tailored recruitment strategies focusing on adaptability in partnership terms to meet specific hiring needs.

Track record

Successful placements & satisfied clients showcase commitment to excellence.

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