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Personality Development Classes

Assistance in PD1 Certification (Assured ISO Certification)

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Open the door to seamless automation and advanced CRM functionalities and gain momentum in your professional career. Get hands-on training with an authorized training partner and gain experience in Salesforce Consulting, Customization, Administration, Integration, Data Migration, and More. By enrolling in the 8 weeks salesforce program, you’ll also hone your business soft skills while getting hired by the top industry leaders in Salesforce.

  • 8 weeks of the extensive learning program 
  • 1:1 assistance in learning and problem-solving approach 
  • Assured Placement, making you job ready from day 1
  • Assistance in PD1 Certification ( Assured ISO Certification )
  • 24*7 Support 
  • Learning with Authorized Training Partner with Salesforce
  • Skill Development and Personality Development Classes
Give the Assessment and get enrolled in the Salesforce admin or Salesforce developer program.
Get the best of personalized classroom learning in the post-pandemic age and gain acquaintance with fellow learners in the welcome class.

Get Guided Learning with our Experts
Explore the course and learn the ins and outs of industry-standard key performance indicators by learning IT and Admin.

Deploy Salesforce Lightning Experience
Deploy connections for change sets and authorize a deployment connection. Learn how to deploy the Lightning experience in Salesforce using sandbox and SFDX.

Build Data Model
Salesforce admin will help you learn and create Users and assign them to appropriate Profiles & Permission Sets. Thus, you’ll be able to build a data model using objects, fields, relationships, and validation rules.

Sharpen your skills in Salesforce collaboration and Implementation
Learn how to create a salesforce environment while maintaining and importing clean data. You’ll also learn how to create some high-value reports and dashboards.

Work on the live project
Once you learn to create a custom app and the salesforce security model, you will be working on live projects.