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The LearNowx Python program is accredited by Nasscom and has been recognised by the government of India, specially designed for candidates who want to scale up their careers as software developer. During 13 weeks of Python program, you’ll master the important concepts of python programming, i.e., data operations, file operations, and various Python libraries such as Pandas, Numpy, and Matplotlib essential for Data Science. 

  • 13 weeks of the extensive learning program 
  • 1:1 assistance in learning and problem-solving approach 
  • Assured Placement, making you job ready from day 1
  • Certification
  • 24*7 Support 
  • Learning with Authorized Training Partners and Industry Experts
  • Skill Development and Personality Development Classes
Give the Assessment and get enrolled in the Front-end developer program
Get the best of personalized classroom learning in the post-pandemic age and gain acquaintance with fellow learners in the welcome class.

Get Guided Learning with our Experts
Explore the course and learn the ins and outs of Agile and Scrum methodologies, Java and data structures and React, Redux, and React Native.

Learn the sequences and file operations
With LearNowx, you will learn how to build simple components & integrate them into more complex design components. Discuss Python Scripts on UNIX/Windows, Values, Types, Variables, Operands, and Expressions, Conditional Statements.

Statistics, probability distributions, and more.
Learn about Data Analysis, NumPy – arrays, Operations on arrays, Indexing slicing, and, Pandas, both data structures & index operations. By the end of this, you’ll gain problem-solving skills.

Learn Advanced Python Programming
Apart from the basics, in this course, you’ll get to learn about advanced modules on how to implement various iterator building blocks and form ‘iterator algebra’.

Build real-world projects by mastering the Python language
Work on the practice projects in association with Cloud Analogy CRM ltd Ex- Color Detection project.