Guideline to Submit the POC

For the Proof of concept (POC), you must show the PPT as mentioned below and demonstrate a working model, which will be a small-scale version of your product and should demonstrate the feasibility and viability of your particular concept or idea. It is built to answer the question of whether a specific technology or approach can be applied successfully to solve a particular problem. The primary goal of a POC is to validate the technical feasibility and assess the potential challenges or limitations before committing to full-scale development.

The Format of the PPT to be shown in POC/MVP must be in a maximum of 10 slides, formatted, and converted into a PDF.

● The first slide should include the Team number, Name of the Team Leader, name of team members, name of the Mentor (if any), and Institution/Organization Name.
● The following slides should include the Problem Statement, Description of Your Idea, Solution Approach (code not required at this stage), Description of the Technology, Description of its Applicability, and any other information related to the proposed solution (if any).

Note : PDF Must Be Under 2MB

Kindly Submit Your POC